The Directors Guild of America Talk: Characters Creating Creatures Physical or Digital...?

I will be speaking as part of a Panel this weekend, Non-Human Characters Creating Creatures: Physical or Digital? Presented by the DGA AD/UPM VFX/Digital Technology Committee at The Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. 

I get to share the stage with none other than
J. Alan Scott, Live Action Animatronic Effects Supervisor/Co-Owner, Legacy Effects (Bourne Legacy, Muppets, Snow White and the Huntsman) • Bill Westenhofer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Rhythm & Hues (Life of Pi, Golden Compass) • Tom Woodruff, Jr., Character Effects Designer, Creator & Performer, ADI (The Thing, Ender’s Game, Zookeeper, Alien and AVP Feature franchises). Moderator: Ian Hunter Co-Owner, New Deal Studios (Hugo, Cowboys and Aliens, Real Steel, Shutter Island, and The Dark Knight)

Photos from the event...!!!!!

One of the scariest, and proudest moments of my career, to be counted among some of my industry hero's who I now call friends....!!!!!!

David Breaux

I am a 18 year veteran in the entertainment industry. With production experience on major Film, Video Games, Commercials and Television projects. With extensive experience using and modifying motion capture data and creating pre visualization for feature films, Commercials, and Music Videos. I specialize in high end character performance and creature behavioral animation.