David has been a solid member of our Animation team at Rhythm & Hues. He has been apart of our team since 2004 and has done excellent work on a variety of projects. He has worked on many commercials as well as features. David performs very well in production and is fast and reliable. As an employee he has a great work ethic, is prompt and strives to communicate clearly. As an animator he has a good eye for detail, a nice aesthetic sensibility and he takes direction well. He is a good team player and often helps other animators. He is currently acting as a lead animator for a team of seven animators. David has a positive attitude and enthusiasm that I look for in an animator. He has been an asset to our animation team.
— Anjelica Casillas, Character Department Manager, Rhythm & Hues
Dave is a very experienced animator and well versed in many styles and platforms. Whether working on character animation, previs, creatures or digital doubles, Dave brings a positive attitude and steady enthusiasm to any task. His knowledge of practical creature effects was also a big plus for our VFX work.
— Colin Brady, Animation Director, Pixomondo
“What’s great about Dave is that he’s great at a lot of things. He can wear many hats and wears them well. If you have a question about sculpting, animating, editing, or even story then Dave’s your man. People like Dave are hard to come by at work. Someone that can inspire and elevate your own work.”
— Kelsey Mann, Story Supervisor, Pixar
David is an extremely motivated and driven artist in not just animation but in his sculpting as well. He’s passionate in what he does and won’t except anything less than perfection. My respect for him rests not only on those qualities but for his honesty and his straight-forward, tell-it-like-it-is approach to work.
— Juan Sanchez, Lead Animator, Tremor Entertainment
On Speed Racer, David routinely produced consistently good animation, all the while with an exemplary attitude. Think David = Mercedes, high quality and low maintenance.
— Johnny Gibson, Digital FX Supervisor, Digital Domain
Dave is a highly talented animator with a great sense for movement and details. 
It was a true pleasure to work with him on Tron Legacy and several EA-games commercials at Digital Domain.
— Bernd Angerer, Animation Supervisor, Digital Domain
David was one of the best animators to come through Pixomondo! His hard working attitude and his dedication to make things work through thick and thin made him a pleasure to work with. One of those people that goes above and beyond, and that I would love to hire again and again...!!
— Shannon Wiggins, Recruiting / HR Manager Pixomondo
Dave Breaux has been a colleague and friend of mine for 7 years. 
He is talented, organized, focused and passionate about producing quality animation. 
I continually seek his advice on all aspects of the industry and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.
— Cj Sarachene, Lead Animator, Rhythm & Hues
Dave is such a sweet guy. he is a talented animator, and he’s also easy to work with across departments. dave is happy to work in a cooperative environment and happy to learn and teach people around him.
— Jen Bahan, Rig Sup/Tech Anim Supervisor, Rhythm & Hues
Dave is not only a talented VFX artist, but an extremely acute problem solver and creative force. He is a genuinely nice guy, a pleasure to work with, and always deeply involved with creating solutions. David is the type of guy everyone needs on their team.
— Guillermo Gonzalez, Animator, Blockade Entertainment
David is an amazingly talented Animator. His attention to details, strong understanding of pose and overall easy going personality was an inspiration to us all. His ability to mentor and his eye for perfection makes him as rock solid as they come. Dave the pleasure was mine!......I look forward to future endeavors.
— Shaun Escayg, Character Animator, SPIN VFX
Dave would make an excellent member of any team. He has a great demeanor which makes him a pleasure to work with, and a wonderful eye for animation. Sitting beside him for a few years, I got to witness firsthand his relentless work ethic. He makes animation look easy. Hire this man!
— Elisabeth Franklin, Animator, Rhythm & Hues

Teaching Recommendations

All the Mentors at AM are dedicated individuals who have a passion for the craft, and a real care for thier students. David is no exception...!
— Kenny Roy, Animation Mentor
David is a solid animator, who was always willing to help. When I first started in the industry, he mentored me and helped me to get acquainted with working in visual effects. He is very kind and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend David for any animation position requiring a high level of detail and complexity.
— Eriks Vitolins, Lead Animator, Rhythm & Hues