Specialized Animation Reels

Characters, Creatures, Superheroes, Robots, Vehicles

I specialize in high end character performance and creature behavioral animation for Feature Films, Games, Television, AR / VR, Commercials, and Music Videos. I am capable of full keyframe animation as well as motion capture modification and integration. I am also highly experienced with full facial animation including lip-sync animation for characters and talking creatures.

General Show Reel  -  4:05 min

This Reel showcases a wide variety of my work from Film, TV, Games, Commercials, and Music Videos covering everything from Character and Creature Animation to Robots and Vehicles.


Character Animation  -  1:42 min

This Reel showcases some of the more animated Characters I crafted a performance for in Feature Film, Commercials, and Music Videos. 


Superhero Animation  -  Coming Soon

This Reel showcases some of my work on a wide variety of live action Superhero shows.

Robot & Vehicle Animation  -  2:05 min

This Reel showcases some or the more mechanical work I've done in film from battling robots, sci-fi military and futuristic car races to photo real aircraft.


Creature Animation  -  Coming Soon

This Reel showcases some of Creatures I have helped to breath life into, for Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos etc. 

VR  Animation Supervisor & Animation

This Reel showcases Creature work I have supervised and helped to breath life into for VR . 

Games and Iteractive Animation  -  7:53 min

This Reel showcases my work over the years in Games with a combination of In-game Cinematics, and Pre-planned Animation Tree actions .