Welcome to my site,  I have over 20+ years of experience as a working artist, animator, animation supervisor and educator in the entertainment industry, working in Film, Games, VR, Television, Commercials and Music Videos. I specialize in character performance, lip sync and creature behavioral animation. Although a large portion of my work has been in photo real VFX based work, I have a love for both cartoon animation and video games.

I’m available for On-site or Remote work for either large or small productions. I also offer project planning, team building, and supervision services for pre-production and final production with capabilities in design, pre-vis, rigging, rig development, and final animation. If your project is starting from the very beginning I can assemble and manage a team from my extensive network of world class production artists to fit your projects needs. 

Please click on Contact anywhere on my site and I will respond to  you ASAP usually within the day of your inquiry.

Thank You,
David M. Breaux Jr.