David M Breaux Jr.   A.K.A. "Bro"

   I grew up in New Orleans far from the center of the entertainment industry. All my life though I drew, sculpted, even did some wooden duck carving…As far back as I can remember, I have always involved in some sort of artistic endeavor.

My parents bought our first computer, a Commodore 64 for Christmas of 1981. 
I would spend many, many hours a day playing games, and yes even drawing with the primitive digital tools that existed at the time, that included drawing with the joystick, a mouse, and even a light pen, an early predecessor to my Wacom companions of today.

In 1994,  I  graduated from The Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus Ohio with a BFA ,with a major in Illustration and continued to peruse my love of story telling, characters, and sculpture.

I have been actively working in the entertainment industry for 18 years, starting in games moving into commercials for a few years and then into film then back into games, then commercials, etc, etc…

Life as a freelancer...

As you can see entertainment is in my blood…

I love seeing peoples reactions to my work.
Whether it is traditional or digital animation, illustration, modeling, sculpture or character design.
The ability to make some one smile, cringe, jump, laugh, or gaze in wonderment is priceless.

I am an artist with a love of character work and a hell of an addiction to aviation, music, and technology…

I love being creative, brainstorming ideas and solving creative problems but one thing is at my core.  

Characters and Creatures are my business…! 

-David Breaux Jr.