• Feature Films, Games, VR / AR, Television, Live Events, Commercials, and Music Videos.

  • Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage XSI, Motion Builder, Photoshop, Painter, Z-Brush, Unreal Engine, Assorted Proprietary Game Engine

  • Key Frame and Motion Capture experience

  • Ability to work as an essential team member or autonomously for special projects and development.

  • Pen & Ink, Pencil, Charcoal, Sculpture, Acrylics, Urethane Resins, Latex Rubber, and Stone Mold Making 


The Columbus College of Art & Design ( 1994 ) - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Illustration Major


Rhythm & Hues - Sr. Animator - Staff

Alvin & The Chipmunks 2: 
Chipmunk animation in assorted shots including the finale with all 6 chipmunks

Land of the Lost:
T-Rex Animation

Night at the Museum: 
Animal stampede down stairs, Elephant / Mammoth Run and Walk Cycles Garfield 2 - Previs, Final character animation for film

The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe: 
Realistic and fantasy creature animation

Garfield The Movie: 
Post-vis working directly with the director and editors, Final character animation for film

Garfield 2 a Tale of Two Kitties: 
Post-vis and Final character animation for film

Object and digi-double animation


Digital Domain: Sr. Animator - Contract

The Jungle Book: 
Previsualization for several sequences including King Louis temple

Viking villagers in the village freeze sequence and Battle with Odin’s army sequence

Real Steel: 
Keyframe and mocap Editing for robots. Primarily in the Noisy Boy and Midas match

Tron Legacy: 
Digital Stunt Doubles, Light Racer buggy, Light Cycles, and Light Jet sequences

Speed Racer: 
Pre-vis, Car and Digital Stunt Double animation


MPC: Sr. Animator - Contract

The Jungle Book:
Sequence Design for Kaa (Snake) and Rig Development


Pixomondo: Sr. Animator - Contract

DieHard 5: 
Helicopter, Truck and Digital Stunt Doubles for final action sequence

Iron Man 2: 
Iron Man Suit for birthday sequence and Competitor Suit for the senate hearing sequence

Hunger Games: 
Tracker Jacker Insect animation

Spin VFX: Lead Animator - Contract

Alien Creature and Digital Stunt Double animation


Television & Commercials:

Encore VFX - Sr. Animator - Contract

The Flash:  Season 2, 3, and 4
Supergirl:  Season 1, 2 and 3
Legends of Tomorrow:  Season 1, 2 and 3
Black Lightning: Season 1
Season 1

Pixomondo - Sr. Animator - Contract

Terra Nova: Season 1
Assorted Dinosaurs throughout the 13 T.V. episodes producedReel Works: Traditional Production Artist

The Mill - Sr. Animator & Previs- Contract

Energizer Bunny: Writing on the Lens
Energizer Bunny:
Energizer Bunny:
Mr. Energizer:
Print Campaign
HayDay: Hug Youtube 360 VR video

Reel Works - Look Design & Production Artist

How to make Chocolate Milk: Hershey's
Hershey's Come and Get it: Hershey's
Avalanche: Publix
Beach: Publix
Grocery Bag: Publix

Rhythm & Hues - Sr. Animator & Pose Artist

Cox: Digital Max Commercials
Cox: Digital Max Print Campaign



Pure Imagination Studios - Animation Supervisor

Alien Descent: Location based Free Roaming VR experience
Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi: Character animation supervisor on Justice League segments
Monster Hunter: Character and Creature animation

EA / Bioware - Sr. Animator In-GAme Cinematics and Player Actions

StarWars The Old Republic: Motion capture editing and keyframe animation of characters and creatures

Blur Studios - Sr. Animator Cinematic Trailers & Cut Scenes

Halo 2 Master Chief Collection:  Microsoft
Tom Clancy’s The Division:  Ubisoft
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City:  Capcom

Digital Domain - Animator cinematic and cut scenes

Medal of Honor Rising Sun: E3 Cinematic EA Games 007 Everything or Nothing: E3 Cinematic EA Games

Pandemic Studios - Sr. Animator in game animation and rigging

Spec Warrior: Midway, Action / Adventure, 3rd Person, Vietnam Era, PC

Tremor Entertainment - Sr Animator

The Unseen: 3rd Person, fantasy action / adventure, XBOX - Unreleased 

  • In game animation and rigging for game play characters and creatures

  • In game animation and rigging for high res Magelords

Kinesoft - Lead Animator (Staff)

Magelords: Strategy, Fantasy, PC
In game animation, rigging, modeling, texture artist,

Sunstorm Interactive - Lead Animator (Staff)

DeerHunter 3: In game animation, rigging, modeling, texture artist , 1st Person, Hunting, PC - WizardWorks


Teaching & Speaking:

The Directors Guild of America

Non-Human Characters Creating Creatures: Physical or Digital
Invited to speak on a panel of Physical and Digital VFX experts at the guilds annual Digital Days gathering.

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Animation Curriculum Development / On-Line Producer
Character & Creature Animation Instructor
On Line Master Class 2011

CTN animation eXpo

Crafting a Creature Performance Workshop:
Invited to hold an expo workshop discussing approaches to fantasy creature animation, finding reference, and getting in the head of your creature so you can craft a believable performance.

Rhythm & Hues Mentoring Program

Mentor for Jr. Animators & Interns:
Mentored animation interns, while they learned the processes and needs of a large visual effects studio while working on actual production shots.


Character Animation Instructor:
On line mentoring (2006 - 2008) class of 13-15 students for Internet based animation school.